Configuracion swithc cisco 2950

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Configuration of the switch

This configuration applies to the Cisco Catalyst 3750. It can also be used for Catalysts 29xx. Please read the software configuration guide of your switch forany details!

Enter privileged EXEC mode of the switch.

Here are the commands to activate the switch for 802.1X port based authentication:

* Activate AAA (Authentication,Authorization, Accounting)

# enable aaa new-model

* Create a list of authentication methods by using Radius group as default.

# aaa authentication dot1x defaultgroup radius

* Activate authorization for using dynamic VLAN assignment by Radius.

# aaa authorization network default group radius

* Configure parameters ofRadius server. In this case we use IP and the default ports 1812 and 1813

# radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 timeout 3

* Configurethe maximum number of retransmissions to the server for the requests (if there is no response of the server or if the server is slow).

# radius server retransmit 3

*Configure the shared secret between switch and Radius server. Radius authentication can not work if the password does not match with the one of the Radius server.

# radius serverkey
// please use the secret that you have specified in the clients.conf file (see chapter IV.1)

Next we must configure each interface (port) to operate in 802.1X mode.Repeat this procedure for each port that should do access control:

#configure terminal
(config)#interface FastEthernet1/0/12
(config-if)# switchport mode access
(config-if)# dot1xport-control auto
(config-if)# end

The command #show dot1x allows to check 802.1X settings.

Do not forget to save the configuration of your switch.

#copy running-config startup-config
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