Conservation And Maintenance Of The School Environment

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This work was done in order to carry out maintenance of the school environment as it isimportant for both the school and ourselves. it is necessary to know the environment and global environment conservation ell appears, increasingly, to a further deterioration due to the indiscriminate useof natural resources and inadequate attention generally given to the solution of the effects this produces negative about living things, including human populations.
All members of society, at allstages of their training and whatever their business or profession, they face an educational setting, whether college, university, institutes,. It is in these contexts where environmental education isinserted. This not only is anxious to organic content, but also addresses issues that deal with environmental attitude of individuals in certain areas.

Maintenance and care of onething you do not lose their characteristics and properties over time because it is human action by applying scientific and technical knowledge, contributes to the optimal use of existing resources in thehuman habitat, fostering thus the integral development of man and society.

Conservation in the school
The school environment is the set of physical, biological, psychological and social involvinga school site, is a space that produces multiple interactions between children and adults, developing an active dynamic processes of secondary socialization.
The school environment is to help andwork together to keep our institution in perfect condition, as both teachers and students live in it. is necessary to take into account the rules and make consciousness at different points of view.Maintenance
are all actions that aim to maintain or restore an item to a state in which to perform some required function. These actions include the combination of the technical and administrative...
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