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Teen Skin Care
More than ever before, spa-going is becoming a family affair. When I travel on vacation with my 15 year old teen daughter she typically gets a facial and I get my massage and it is really ‘quality time together’, that we both love.
Some teens have great skin, and just need a basic facial, and others breakout. Over 80% of the teen population suffers from breakouts at somepoint, and most do not seek professional help. When teens have the opportunity to get a facial it is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to professional skincare and learn about a skincare ‘regimen’. In addition, teens often do not want to listen to their parents about their skin but view the esthetician as a professional advisor, and this is your opportunity.
Teens need a simple skincaresystem that addresses their concerns, and also their skin type. They are in the sun more often than adults and learning about proper skincare early is important. Given the fact that in the spa you typically have an hour with the teen, you have an opportunity to educate as you perform the facial. Below are some important tips that will help you build your relationship with teens and help build thetrust that will be necessary for them to want to return and/or purchase the recommended retail products.
1. Keep it simple; 3-4 products to start with at most. Teens will feel overwhelmed if you give them too many products to start with and they need to try it first. Make sure to get the buy in from the parent as well.
2. Show them how to use the products. For example, pour a littlebit out from a tester and show them that they only need a small amount of product or how to apply it around their eyes.
3. Create a teen skincare handout that you might include with the retail products that provide basic skin care tips and hygiene information.
4. Tell the teen what you are doing during the first facial. They may feel awkward or embarrassed to tell you that the steam feelstoo strong, that they don’t like the eye pads, that a product stings, or that the room is too dark. Be sure to check in with them.
5. Do not over-extract. If they have a lot of congestion, let them know that you will clean up what you can, and send them home with treatment products that will continue to clear them up. If they are local, recommend they come in for a few weeks in a row tocontinue performing extractions, a little bit at a time.
6. Incentivize guests in the hotel. Have a special teen facial and/or mother/daughter facial special that encourages them to book. Provide the promotion upon check in or in the room.

The biggest mistake most spas and resorts make is overlooking the lucrative teen market. With a little more thought, you can create a new wonderfulactivity for the teens to take advantage of, and introduce them to professional skincare treatments and products.
Ellen Clark
CEO, Control Corrective Skincare Systems Inc.

Más que nunca antes, disfrutan de spas se está convirtiendo en un asunto de familia. Cuando viajo de vacaciones con mi hija de 15 años de edad, ella típicamente recibe un facial y me pongo mi masaje yes realmente 'tiempo de calidad juntos', que ambos amamos.

Algunos adolescentes tienen una gran piel, y sólo necesitas un facial básico, y otros tienen brotes de acné. Más del 80% de la población adolescente sufre de brotes de acné en algún momento, y la mayoría no busca ayuda profesional. Cuando los adolescentes tienen la oportunidad de obtener un facial es la oportunidad perfecta paraintroducirlos a cuidado de la piel profesional y enseñarles acerca de un régimen de cuidado de la piel. Además, los adolescentes a menudo no quieren escuchar a sus padres sobre su piel, sino ver la esteticista como un asesor profesional, y esta es su oportunidad.

Los adolescentes necesitan un sistema de cuidado de la piel simple que aborde sus preocupaciones, así como su tipo de piel. Están en el...
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