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A few points to note

Please ensure sure that your CV has absolutely NO GAPS which are unexplained - from the time you have graduated to date. Gaps if any need to be explained to ensurecompleteness.

1. Please name your CV in the following format .
2. The file header has to contain your name and country.
3. Wherever a chronological order is required (education, career, assignments) startfrom the most recent.
4. Under the heading Qualification, please ensure that you use
a. The full form of your degree (Bachelor of Technology) and also month and year of passing.
b.Full name of the College : XXXXXXXXX College of Engineering,
c. Full name of the City/ state: University of XXXXXXX
5. Project Thesis – this is the place to describe your final projects onyour university.
6. Assignments – here please write about your project you have been working on, if you have only worked on university projects please mention them, please mention only major projectsyou have done. i.e. few days assignment to code small macro in Ms Excel should not be here.
7. Under the heading Employment Summary, please ensure that you use name of the Company in full: TataConsultancy Services.
8. Period of projects to be specified (Project 1- Apr 1993- Oct 1994 Project 2- Nov1994-Apr 1995)
9. Period of training to be specified ( Jan 1993- March 1993)
10. This template contains examples/instructions as responses to various headings. Kindly ensure that you delete theexamples & the instructions.
11. If any data provided in this format is not applicable to your profile, kindly delete it.
12. Additions if required may be made even if there is no heading for the sameTips:-
Be as concise as possible.
Bulleted points are preferable to long sentences.
Use correct language (pay attention to spellings & grammar)

Don’t forget to delete this page before sending...
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