Curriculum reform

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Curricular reform
Is product of New needs and demands
Analisis del Programa de estudios 1993 para dar paso a la nueva versión
* Communicative approach
* Freedom to adapt
* Focus on the4 abilities
* Language is treated in context.
According to an analysis that were in 103 schools showed that the lesson not demonstrate a communicative approach because the teaches did theseactivities giving alone the opportunity to practice the language with the correct focus or in context
Activity Percentage
Reading aloud 77%
Translating sentences or passages 74%Writing lists of vocabulary 68%
Repeating in chorus 66%
Memorising lists of vocabulary 60%
Dictation 57%

After 4 versions of the program and discussions including national, regional andlocal forums with teachers, school directors, Jefes de Enseñanza, supervisors obtained a final version that was piloted in Cuernavaca, Morelos . As a result of discussions and piloting the order ofsome units was changed and sections of every unit were reorganised. And the focus was changing in Experiential Learning
General purpose of language teaching in basic education
Is essential that theylearn to use language to organise their thought and discourse, to analyse and solve problems, and to have access to different cultural expressions.
Ss able to acquire knowledge in certainsocial practices as oral as written to let them use the language (English ) in a foreign country or in contact with native or nonnative speakers of English or get in contact with literature orquotidian communication
Two levels
* Social practices of the language for the interpretation and production of texts.
* Specific linguistic contents ( functions of the language).
By the end of thesecondary school the Ss have to:
1. Carrying out certain basic transactions, such as buying and selling things or ordering food and drink;
2. Giving and obtaining factual information of a...
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