Danzas del africa y indonesia

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Costumes are used in dance as a form of expression, art form and show how a dancer identifies themselves. It brings out the individualism in a dancer. In the Egungun dance form, thedancer’s face is never revealed which makes it fascinating and mystical where as in the Wusa-Poro Dance, their faces are completely shown to the public and they dress in skirt straws, showing strengthand acrobatic movement, while in the Bharata Natyam From India, women wear beautiful make-up and colorful dresses, stand out as beauty to the eye. Even with the thousands of miles of distance of eachdances’ origin, they all have shown common beliefs and foundation of today’s modern dance.
The Egungun dance derives from the Yoruba-tribe from Nigeria, they have a varieties of believes that havebeen passed down to other tribes and countries, such as voodoo or Santeria. They are living people; spirits oriented, and have different level of reaching out to their ancestor through dance. Theybelieve in the Hot Orisha who is their Sango; thunder God, and Cold Orisha who is their River Goddess. In their dance rituals fellow tribesmen can detect which God or Goddess is being contacted throughtheir particular dance form that is being presented, similar to the Bharata Natyam from India where women present their dance to get in contact with their God. What is found to be different betweenthese two particular dances is that the Yoriba-tribe has a particular dance called the Egungun which is only danced by men. It is primarily a secret society of men where they prepare their masks and nowoman is allowed to watch them prepare the mask, so their identity as dancers is never revealed. This dance is a way of giving offerings to the Gods to ask for a great year of harvest or anything inparticular that you would like something that is found in the Wusa-Poro and Bharata Natyam dances as well. The Egungun takes place in yearly in the Osun Festival; which is when the priest and...
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