Declaracion Jurada

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Ciro’s Case

We choose Ciro’s case because we consider that it’s an unsolved mystery that’s why it has happened more than 90 days and we still don’t know what happened to him.We don’t know if he is death or alive.

Ciro is 26 years old. He’s a university student. He has a relationship with Rosario Ponce. Both of them are forest engineering students at La Molina Universityin Lima-Peru.

Last April they decided to travel to Colca Canyon located in Arequipa city in the Andes of Peru, which is the deepest canyon in the world, and also it’s more beautiful than the greatCanyon in the USA.

Supposedly they were having a good time when they started to send messages from their cellphones. They were asking for help. They said that were lost. Here appears the firstquestion: Is it possible for forest engineers to get lost?

According to the press investigations, that’s almost impossible because all the forest engineers have a specific training in exploration,besides it wasn’t the first time that Ciro went there; that’s what his father Dr. Ciro Castillo said to the press. So if Ciro and Rosario had had a special training, how did they get lost?On April 13th, Rosario Ponce was rescued by a special Police Team. Even though she was almost unconscious, she made her first declaration. She explained that she had been with Ciro until April 6thand that they had separated because she felt very weak, so Ciro continued the trip to ask for help. He decided to follow the lights that he could see far away from the place Rosario was.

But, ithasn’t been the only declaration that Rosario made. She has made many declarations to the police and to the press and in each one she changes her version of the facts, so is she really telling the truth?We believe that she isn’t an honest person; she’s keeping a lot of important information for herself. For that reason we don’t trust in her.

Rosario’s Confessions:

In one opportunity she...
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