Defensoria del pueblo

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Richard Marx

Track List
01. Should've Known Better
02. Don't Mean Nothing
03. Endless Summer Nights
04. Lonely Heart
05. Hold On To The Nights
06. Have Mercy
07. Remember Manhattan
08. The Flame Of Love
09. Rhythm Of Life
10. Heaven Only Knows


Repeat Offender

Track List
01.Nothin' You Can Do About It
02. Satisfied
03. Angelia
04. Too Late To Say Goodbye
05. Right Here Waiting
06. Heart On The Line
07. Living In The Real World
08. If You Don't Want My Love
09. That Was Lulu
10. Wild Life
11. Wait For The Sunrise
12. Children Of The Night


Rush StreetTrack List
01. Playing With Fire
02. Love Unemotional
03. Keep Coming Back
04. Take This Heart
05. Hazard
06. Hands In Your Pocket
07. Calling You
08. Superstar
09. Ride With Idol (Additional Track)
10. Streets Of Pain
11. I Get No Sleep
12. Big Boy Now
13. Chains Around My Heart
14. Your World


Paid Vacation

Track List
01. The Way She Loves Me
02. One More Try
03. Silent Scream
04. Nothing To Hide
05. Whole World To Save
06. Soul Motion
07. Now And Forever
08. Goodbye, Hollywood
09. Heaven's Waiting
10. Nothing Left Behind Us
11. What You Want
12. One Man


Track List
01.Now And Forever
02.Keep Coming Back
03.Hold On To The Nights
04.Silent Scream
06.Right Here Waiting
08.Children Of The Night
09.Endless Summer Nights
10.Now And Forever (Live Version)
11.Chains Around My Heart
12.Heaven Only Knows


Flesh And BoneTrack List
01.Fool's Game
02.You Never Take Me Dancing
03.Touch Of Heaven
04.What's The Story
05.Can't Lie To My Heart
06.Until I Find You Again
08.My Confession
10.What's Wrong With That
11.The Image


Greatest Hits

Track List
01.Don't Mean Nothing
02. Endless Summer Nights
03. Now And Forever
04. Should've Known Better
05. Angelia
06. Hold On To The Nights
07. Angel's Lullaby
08. Take This Heart
09. Satisfied
10. Until l Find You Again
11. Hazard
12. The Way She Loves Me
13. Keep Coming Back
14. Children Of The Night
15. Touch Of Heaven
16. Right Here Waiting


Days In Avalon

Track List
01. Days In Avalon
02. Shine
03. Someone Special
04. Almost Everything
05. The Edge Of Forever
06. Power Of You And Me
07. One More Time
08. Waiting On Your Love
09. More Than A Mystery
10. Boy Next Door
11.Too Early To Be Over
12. Straight From My Heart


My Own Best Enemy

Track List
01.Nothing Left To Say
02.When You're Gone
03.One Thing Left
04.Love Goes On
05.Ready To Fly
08.Everything Good
09.The Other Side
10.Someone Special

Napster Live (10.14.2004)

Track List
01 - Endless Summer Nights (Live)
02 - Hazard (Live)
03 - Love Goes On (Live)
04 - Ready To Fly (Live)
05 - When You're Gone (Live)



Track List
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