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1 Define worker’s compensation (WC) and write what it includes:

(R) Maryland employers are required to comply with Maryland’s
Worker’s compensation law. The law provides a remedy for worker’swho are injured or suffers an occupational disease. It provides a compressive benefit structure for injured employees.

2. Who does the law requires to have Workers Compensation (WC)?

(R) Thelaw requires every firm, corporation, or private person with one or more employees, full or part-time, to provide workers compensation coverage through one of three ways.

3. How can employersobtain coverage of WC?

• Contacting with private insurance companies licensed to write WC insurance in MD.
• Qualify as self-insurers by receiving approval from WC commission.
•Participating in the injured workers insurance found

4. What are duties that employees have to its employees and the commissions?
• Post a WC poster in a prominent place used by employees
•Report accidents that result in a disability to an employee for more than 3 days, on a first report of injury form.

5. How does the department of labor, licensing and regulation define “employment”?(R) Any service performed for payment whether full-time or part-time?

6. What is considered a minor and what is required for a minor to work in the state of Maryland?

R. minor is someone troughthe ages 14 trough 17 may only work with a work permit it must be in the employer’s possession before the minor is permitted to work.

7. How can an employee collect unpaid wages?

R. Fileclaim whit the employees strain service filing a lawsuit or filing a criminal changer.
8. Employer’s can generally hire or fire EXEPT under what circumstances?

R one that discriminates on thebases of race, color gender, national origin religion age disability, or marital status
9. What are employers’s not required to provide to its employees?
R benefits such as vacations, sick leave,...
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