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- The French Revolution was when everything started to change since the power to the new social order. Caused terror to all citizens.
- The marriage of the grandson of Louis XIVwas a union of governments with the Australian government.
- Louis XVI, for his indecision in the marriage with Maria Antoinette hunger and poverty, most people, the French people grew from 20million to 26 million.
- By agreeing to become King Louis XVI, began to repent and do all things upside down from his post and cause more bad things for France since they accept.
- Appears Robespierrewho wanted to kill King Louis XVI.
- Paris was the center of philosophical knowledge; it had begun the era of enlightenment.
- Voltaire, Robespierre and others seeking equality for aristocrats inParis and throughout France.
- In the Marie Antoinette dubbed as "Madame Deficit" for its financial instability.
- Louis XVI had a disease and therefore could not have children until 7 years after ithad operated and named his first daughter with his wife Teresa Marie Antoinette. He had 4 other children.
- The people forced the king to hire a lawyer to handle all the financial affairs of the boththe people of France.
- The first lawyer was called the king's financial Jacques Necker.
- With the new king Louis XVI in France there were many problems both economic and also political
- Povertycame to the point that the French people began to steal their homes and their neighbors.
- 3 states: 1.Clero 2.Nobleza 3.Any other / village.
- 4 May 1799 - came as a member before RobespierreAmericans.
- A lawyer Robespierre declared it to enforce the rights of the French people.
- The deputies felt like a promise to challenge the king, did the National Assembly to topple the king. (Oath ofthe ball).
- The Bastille was a symbol of royal despotism, also known as a place of death.
- 14 July 1789 - was the day of the French Revolution which took place in the taking of the Bastille.
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