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María del Carmen Macias
Professor: Johnson
Academic Writing 1500
October 8th, 2010
Tennis vs. American Football
Here is a comparison and contrast about two sports people has follow for avery long time, they are both with international recognition. And no matter what part of the world you are, you are going to find someone that loves any of these sports. Tennis being the most common oneand maybe easiest to play, without taking in consideration if you are a woman or a man, you can play and you will love it.
Team members:
In tennis is often played between two players, this meanssingles. This gives a more individual sense of the game, the players related more with the game. But you can also played in teams, this means that two teams of two players each, get together and playthe game. In the official tennis rankings, have more value the scores from single matches than from double matches, since it is a little more hard to play in that some kind big court all by yourself,than playing with a teammate. In contrast in American football, they only get to play in teams. They don’t get to choose, or either have the opportunity to try and play in singles. It would be hard toplay that game in singles since it is all about team work. And still, very hard to make points. It is a game between two teams of eleven.
In American football they use an oval shapeball that they have to throw it with their hands or kicking it when it is necessary, in order to make a touchdown. In order to play the also need to have this special equipment to protect themselves.Instead, in tennis, they need not only a tennis ball, but also a racquet. The ball they use is somehow, a regular small size yellow or green ball, that bounces into the other court, but unlikefootball, they not only use the strength of the arm, they also get help from the tennis racquet they use to send the ball into the other side of the court.
What sex they have to be:
Since American...
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