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On 2003-12-08, Retsilevad rated this Hohner Rockwood a 4...(6751)

Purchase: Music has always been a hobby of mine but i had never played an instrument before except the keyboard and recorder! My friend played electric guitar and suggested to me that i aquire a bass so i could jam with him. The rockwood was my first bass guitar. I purchased it from a newsagents in a small village, which isquite unique. The owner of the place was a former employee of Hohner and had continued to make guitars and bass guitars after he left the company. All the guitars he sells are hand made and signed by the maker, and it cost me £180.
Pros: THe hohner rockwood is a very large bass and is solid body, which makes it quite heavy but reduces vibration and it produces a very clean sound. The neck is maplewood which looks very good and is easy to clean. My bass has taken quite a battering scince i've had it, which is for around 3 years now, but it still works perfectly and has not needed any repairs scice i bought it. It is a very reliable, easy bass which would be good for a beginner.
Cons: The weight of the bass is its largest letdown. After having it on your shoulder for the duration of a gigyou wonder if your arm is still able of movement! The only other thing is that the truss rod on my bass has needed to be adjusted a few times to sort out the action which is quite high.
Quality: The Rockwood has a very good construction, a good solid body and solid components. The neck has a bolted on plate to strengthen the join, with inlaid steel frets. The hardware is all polished steel andeasy to clean. I have never had any problems with this bass and the electronics are very reliable, and the pickups are very responsive. The head and tuning pegs are well made and have stood up to me bashing it against doorframes, amps, other people, etc. scince I bought it.
Review Summary: I think this bass was a good start for me as I learned to play on it and can now play a wide range of bassshapes, but because this was heavy I could play other large body basses much easier. A good bass for beginners.

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Product: Hohner LX90B Rockwood
Price Paid: UNKNOWN
Submitted 09/08/2008 at 06:12pm by Sean Lyne

Features : 6 Bought Second hand in pretty good nick. . .
The Frets are kinda buzzy for me but its an old enough bass and that can be fixed easily
Sound : 9 nice Deep Bassey Sound, The body is built nice and heavy to accomodate thissound.
I use a guitar amp when practicing and still get a good sound out of it myself but when its plugged into a bass amp thats when the fun starts :D
Action, Fit, & Finish : No Opinion
Reliability/Durability : 10 Indestructable Dropped loadsa times(Accidentaly of course) and stuff dropped on it(heavy stuff)
Will withstand most beatings, If Hendrix had this he'd have a lot of troubledoing damage. . .
Customer Support : No Opinion
Overall Rating : 9 I'v been playing since Easter holidays 08 and its September now, Its my first bass so I dont have a lot of Experience but I do know a good bass sound when I hear it and this has it along with the body to suit, If your thinking of staring bass this is the perfect Bass, Its Cheap well built and has good sound, What more could...
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