Desert words

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Desert words
Acacia: /əˈkeɪ.ʃə/ a tree or shrub of warm climates that bears spikes or clusters of yellow or white flowers and is frequently thorny.
Aloe: /ˈæl.əʊ/a succulent plant, typicallyhaving a rosette of toothed fleshy leaves and bell-shaped or tubular flowers on long stems.
Blue-tongued lizard: 1 a heavily built Australian skink with a large head, short limbs, and a bluetongue , which is displayed in defense.
Bunch grass: a grass that grows in clumps.
Cactus: /ˈkæk.təs/ a succulent plant with a thick, fleshy stem that typically bears spines, lacks leaves, and hasbrilliantly colored flowers. Cacti are native to arid regions of the New World and are cultivated elsewhere, especially as houseplants.
Cobra: /ˈkəʊ.brə/ a highly venomous snake native to Africa andAsia that spreads the skin of its neck into a hood when disturbed.
Coyote: /kaɪˈəʊ.ti/ a small wild dog that lives in North West America and Mexico.
Creosote: /ˈkriː.ə.səʊt/
Darkling Beetle:[countable] an insect with a round hard back which is usually black
Desert Locust: /ˈləʊ.kəst/ noun a large insect that lives in hot countries and flies in large groups, destroying all the plants and cropsof an area: a swarm of locusts.
Desert tortoise: /ˈtɔː.təs/ a slow-moving land animal that can pull its head and legs into the hard round shell that covers its body.
Dromedary: /ˈdrɒm.ə.dər.i /[countable] a camel with one hump on its back.
Elf owl: a bird with large eyes that hunts at night.
Fox: 1 [countable] a wild animal like a dog with reddish-brown fur, a pointed face, and a thick tail. 2[countable] informal, someone who is clever and good at deceiving people: ▪ He was a sly old fox. 3 [countable] American English, informal, someone who is sexually attractive.
Gecko: /ˈgek.əʊ/plural geckos or geckoes [countable] a type of small lizard.
Gerbil: /ˈdʒɜː.bəl/ a small animal with fur, a tail, and long back legs, that is often kept as a pet.
Golden Mole: 1-a small dark furry...
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