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Muhammad (son of Abdullah) is known as "Prophet Muhammad" among believers in the religion of Islam. According to Islamic teachings, he was the last prophet, or messenger ofGod, who received revelation. Muhammad was born into the tribe of Quraysh, in the Arabian city of Mecca.
Muhammad’s father died before he was born and his mother died when he was a child. Muhammadlived with his grandfather, and later his uncle, Abu Talib. Abu Talib was generous but not wealthy, and taught Muhammad to trade on their caravan journeys to Syria. A wealthy Meccan widow named Khadijahemployed Muhammad to sell her goods in Syria. She was so pleased with his work that she asked him to marry her. For twenty-five years, Khadijah and Muhammad were happily married. Their four daughterslived to be adults, but two sons died.
Muhammad did not like the idol-worship of the Makkans or the unjust way the rich treated the poor and even members of their own tribe. He often spent time inthought and prayer in a cave outside Makkah. There on the Mountain of Light (Jabal al-Nur), Muhammad first experienced the call to prophethood was about 40, Muhammad had an encounter with the angelGabriel revealed to him special revelations. The revelation said he was to become the messenger of God. Following his prophetic experience, Mohammed returned to his wife and began spreading the teachingshe learned.
Muhammad’s family accepted Islam, including his wife Khadijah, the first Muslim woman. Later, he order the members of his tribe to believe in one God and turn away from worshipping idolsand behaving unjustly. Some important Meccans joined him, but the most powerful leaders of the Quraysh continued to reject him. Quraysh persecuted and killed. Khadijah and Abu Talib both died.Quraysh was fear that Muhammad’s preaching against the idols would reach their visitors during the pilgrimage, causing people to stop visiting the Ka’bah.
The Muslims left Mecca. When Quraysh planned to...
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