Dialogo de ingles para 3 personas

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A father talking to his son and wife:

(Father) - Son, Your Mom and I want you to tell us the truth.
(Son) - What are you talking about dad?
(Mother) - You told us last night that it was yoursister who took the money from my purse right?
(Son) - Yes, I did. So?
(Father) - Are you sure John?
(Son) - Yes! why are you asking me this!
(Father) - Because we have the feeling you lied tous.
(Mother) - We just can't believe that she could have done something like that. She is just 11 years old.
(Son) - Now you are going to defend her!
(Mother) - We just want the truth.(Father) - Please Son, try to be honest. We have always teach you to be sincere. Here is your chance to show it!
(Son) - I have nothing to say...
(Mother) - Well, be sure this is going to remain in yourconscience. Do you really think it's fair that she pays for something she didn't do?
(Father) - The most important value in any person is the honesty. If you are going to act like this in thefuture, things are always gonna be hard and wrong for you.
(Mother) - It's better to accept that you made a mistake and apologize than hide the truth!
(Son) - Mom, Dad.... I'm so sorry. You both havebeen such a wonderful parents. I behaved like a coward blaming my sister for something that I did.. Please forgive me... She doesn't deserve this.
(Mother) - No one deserves it, but we are glad youhave accepted.
(Father) - From now on and for the rest of your life, never forget to be honest in every single aspect of your life.
(Son) - I will. I Promise. I'm really sorry.
(Mother) - It'sok. Don't do it again. Next time you need money ask for it! The honesty makes anyone a better person.
(Father) - I guess you need to apologize to your sister.-------------------------------------------------
(Son) - I will do it right away! This has been a lesson for me. I certainly feel much better now! :)

Un padre hablando con su hijo y la esposa:

(Padre) - Hijo, tu madre y yo...
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