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* Camilo Lopez: The Secretary.
* Andres Bravo: The Wachiman, Juan Morales.
* Sergio Llanos: The Epileptic Guy.
* Sebastian Jacome: The Bullet Injured.
*Santiago Anaya: The Doctor.
* Luis F Duran: Mr. Bean, Esteban Lopez.
Scene #1
(Mr. Bean’ House)
M: I’m Hungry, I want a chocolate.
(Hand gets stuck)
M: Ohhh, no my hand is stocked.1
(Try outhis hand)
M: I need go to the Hospital.
(Drives to the Hospital)
J: Wachiman.
Hey Wachiman, help me please.
B: Did you have medical insurance?
J: Yes I have.
W: Ok, but your blood isstaining my floor.
(Walks to the Secretary)
J: Please help me.
Mop: Did you have medical insurance?
J: Yes I have, please help me.
Mop: Please complete this form.
J. WHAT!!!! You don’t see Ihave….
Mop: I don’t care complete this forma and take a ticket.
(He sit and see Sergio convulsing and he move away)
(20 Minutes Later)
At The entrance
M: JujujujujuJu,jujujujujuju
B: Hey Sr. yourmedical insurance?
M: I don’t have.
B: So you cannot pass.
M: What!! You don’t see I have a stocked hand.
B: I don’t care, if you don’t have medical insurance you cannot pass.
M: Ok…… Hey lookthat’s Pamela Anderson.
B: Where???
(He look with an hypnotize face)
M: Sr., wait you cannot pass.
(He throws a punch, but hits the bottle)
B: Ashhh, go to sleep.
M: Please Secretary I have astocked hand.
Mop: Take a ticket.
M: What, you don’t see, I have…
Mop: I don’t care, please take a ticket.
(Look #64, see his ticket)
M: 97, ohhh.
(He throws it away, and takes other ticket)
M: 98,ohhh.
(He sits)
J: Mrs. I complete the forms, now I can pass.
Mop: No, wait your turn please.
J: WHAT!!!! You don’t see I…
Mop: I don’t care, wait your turn please.
J: I hate this Hospital, andI Hate the Social Security and I hate Families in Action.
E: # 65 please.
S: (Convulsing)
E: Well, what it your problem.
S: (Continue convulsing)
E: Sr.
S: (Continue convulsing again)
E: (He...
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