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The revenue of the woman by force of work forced to resort to the most practical, like that clothes previous glamour of year lost transcendency. The suit of jacket of black color was more secondhand(worn) and the short hair stopped being the mode of the moment.

In 1930 the model to continuing was the actresses as Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich, women of broad shoulders and delicate, highand thin hips. In this period the erotic point changed from the legs up to the back, which was highlighted by out-standing necklines and which she was provoking mas of a passion in the masculine area.At this moment the woman was wrapped(involved) in a halo of captivation, sensuality and mystery. The men were dying opposite to this mature (ripe) beauty of feline movements and look night's sleep andthe woman was extracting profit of her body and was not concealing it for prejudices moralists.

In the full epoch of the post war and personifying this new generation of independent and modernwomen, there appeared mythological Coconut Chanel. His(her,your) style was representing the feminine revolution and the economy that had to arise in epoch of recession. For this reason, it(he,she)introduced materials simpler and less costly that the chiffon, the tulle and it(he,she) sedates her. Then it(he,she) created the suits of point, thin fabrics that they were granting more and betterflexibility for the new woman, which in addition was putting emphasis in the sports practice stimulated by the recent habit of occupying the time in something useful.

El ingreso de la mujer a la fuerza detrabajo obligó a recurrir a la ropa más práctica, así el glamur de año anteriores perdió trascendencia. El traje de chaqueta de color negro era más usado y el cabello corto dejó de ser la moda delmomento.

En 1930 el modelo a seguir fueron las actrices como Greta Garbo y Marlene Dietrich, mujeres de hombros anchos y caderas delicadas, altas y delgadas. En este período el punto erótico cambió...
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