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3.2 Methodology

The methodology of the project implies its correct organization and structure in order to achieve all the objectives and goals clearly defined.

First of all, it is necessary toapply diagnosis to know which English level students are in. Then with the results of data analysis of their start level of knowledge in English area, it is going to determinate where level theproject it is going to start respect of the Interactive software, which is the principal tool for the application of this project.
The next step is organizing different sessions of applying software inBasic’s computers room. The purpose is to follow a process starting with the topic students are learning at school in the respective moment and finishing with a final recompilation of all topicsthey are going to learn during their experience with the interactive software The number of sessions that are going to be applied depends on the time given to apply the project and the availability ofthe computer’s room.

Each session begins before class explanation; the purpose is to be a support for children when they are learning new topics and to keep in them the recent basic vocabulary theyhave learned. Then after activity, each student is going to be evaluated in English class by the English teacher who is able to do that job.

In total, are going to apply ten learning sessionsaccording to the topic students are having in English class, each one will be realized in Informatics class with the teacher’s permission.

After the application of learning sessions it is necessary toanalyze results of the activities giving each one a percentage result, making a comparison between them and giving conclusions about the process results.

3.3 Sources and tools in collecting Data3.3.1 Primary Sources

To collect information about theoretical bases of interactive software application was necessary to check previous studies as:

* “Educational strategies for the use of...
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