Does my head look big in this?

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Does my head look big in this?- talks about a little girl calls Amal who was born in Australian and is living in Melbourne with her mother whose name is Jamalia which in Arabic means Beautiful and her father, Mohamed who drives a red convertible car and he is convinced that he is still young and cool although he has receding headline and he hear Italian opera or Palestinian folk in his carstereo system. Amal's mother is very fun and energetic, and also she is considered by her, neurotically clean. This family are from Palestine and them religion is Muslim.
Amal had studied in a Muslim school, calls Hidaya, when she was 7 to 10 years old. In that moment she wasn't very believer, and she had not liked wearing the hijab, she found it itchy and very uncomfortable wearing it when she wasdoing sports. Therefore she used to take it off as soon as she stepped outside the school gates. When the tenth year had finished, Amal has send to a private non-Muslim school to continue her studies until today. In this school Amal has discovered the importance of observe and respect of her belief, so she started to think about wearing the hijab for her religion.
Within 4 days, Amal isgoing to birth 16 and it's the time to decide if she wanted to wear the Hijab full- time. The hijab is a big scarf which Muslim girls and women have to wear to cover them hair when they are in public sphere. This obligation is in the Quran, the sacred book of Muslims belief which contains all the commandments.
Amal is a responsible girl, and she is very believer of her religion. She has a lotof respect for Muslim belief and also she comply with all her religion says. Therefore the plot of this book, soon she will birth 16, and she is seriously thinking if she wanted or not to wear the hijab. First of all, she made a list about all the people who won't hassle her for wearing the hijab and all the people who she suspect might give her attitude. Finally the in the list are more hasslepeople than attitude people. Although the list has more disadvantages, finally she chose for wearing the hijab, because she is sure that the god Alá will be very pleased about her decision. Here is another evidence of her believer.
Amal has a lot of friend at her school (Mc Cleans), but she has several best friends call Simone, Eileen, Leila and Yasmeen. For example, some of them are not agreewith Amal to wear the hijab full-time because they consider the hijab as a factor which can cause the rejection of many people, and therefore everybody will look her as a weirdo because she's living a Non- Muslim society. But some of them, as Leila, who is Muslim and is very religious and her family too, support Amal to wear the hijab. But finally Amal decided to wear the hijab full- time, althoughsome friends and her aunts Cassandra and Tariq are against.
At the beginning, Amal finds the hijab a little bit unusual, for wearing it all the time ; and some people look her curious, even more her school partners, who have never see har wearing the hijab at school time or in the class at the same time the teacher is teaching.
But not only she has problems, her friends have a lot of issuestoo, for example her friend Eileen has Japanese heritage, and she puts with racism; or Simone, who think that her body has bad image, than therefore, she is constantly doing false diets; or her friend Leila, who has incredible marks at school, but her mum is obsessed with marrying off Leila to a suitor men; or Yasmeen, who has a problem with wasting money on thing that she doesn't need.
ButAmal also has boy friends as Adam, who is not Muslim, but he likes Amal very much. In the half of the novel, Adam invited Amal to his birthday party which later, Amal accepted to go. In the party Adam tried to kiss Amal, although he knows she was Muslim, and she wouldn't have any relationship with any male without being married with him. In that moment, Amal was really nervous, and she didn't...
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