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Enrique A Ruz Gamboa
“Dreams do not come true by themselves; you need to make them happen”
I want to talk about my first experience living in another country, in fact the firstexperience living on my own and away from my parents but first, I would like to start from the very beginning, when I was in the application process.

Back then, I was 18 and I was enrolled in school. Itwas at the beginning of my senior year when one day, my mom (who is a professor at a private university in my home town) came and told me she had this student, who had been living and working abroad fora whole year in the United States in a program promoted by Walt Disney Company and casually, he had just returned from there.
At first I did not pay much attention. I figured that surely was one ofthose programs where you had to pay more than the amount you would earn from working there all year; and really did not find anything of meaning to that. Thanks to my mom, who insisted and insisted,it happened and I sent an email to the person in charge of the program and in less than a week, new goals and dreams had come into my mind and was willing to do everything possible to get it.
My momhas always wanted me to fulfill my goals, she has always known what I really wanted and she’s always supported me ever since I was I kid. For example, she would force me to study other languagesbecause she knew how much I would want to study abroad.
The whole process lasted about 6 months; the first step was writing a cover letter and sending it along with my resume. Then I had a phoneinterview with the company representative in Mexico and finally, the last step would have been an interview face to face with Disney Cast Members. Unfortunately, I was never notified of that last step; andthe interviews went and stayed out of them, with the will to live that experience.
The truth is that, at first, I couldn’t help feeling defeated. I really got upset because I never got to know why...
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