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Using the Verb "To be" Exercise 4
1)Thomas (be) is my little brother. He (be) is nine years old.

2) Wait! We (be, not) are not ready to go.

3) Dixie (be) is my favorite aunt. She always cooksme chicken and dumplings. She (be) is coming to visit soon.

4) I (be) am sleepy. I think I will go to bed soon.

5) The school (be) is closed. It (be, not) is not open.

6) The bus(be) is broken down. It needs to be repaired.

7) I (be) am lonely. Marcos (be) is lonely too. I think we should become friends!

8) Billy (be) is good at basketball. He (be) is tall, quick, and athletic.9) The weather (be) is cold today. I hope it gets warmer soon.

10) Jose and I (be) are in the same English class. It (be) is fun!
Introductions Test To be
a) - What is your name?
- Myname is John Roberts. 

(Here you could also answer in the short form - "John Roberts."

b) - Who are you?
- I am John Roberts.

(Here you could also answer in the short form - "John Roberts."

c) -Who is John Roberts?
- I am.

d) - Are you John Roberts?
- Yes I am.

(Here you could also answer in the short form - "Yes."

e) - Who is she?
- She is my wife.

(Here you could also answer inthe short form - "My wife."

f) - Who are they?
- They are Mr and Mrs Roberts.

Fill in the blanks with "is", "am" or "are" 

b) -------------------------------------------------
Principiodel formulario
c) 1. I AM a student.
2. She IS a nurse.
3. He IS a doctor.
4. They ARE books.
5. It IS a chair.
6. You ARE a teacher.
7. We ARE students.
8. He IS fat.
9. Suda IS tall.
10.The bird IS small.
11. I AM a student.
12. She IS a girl.
13. He IS a boy.
14. I AM tall.
15. The elephant IS big.
d) Final del formulario

- To Be – Questions

Am | Are | Is |Principio del formulario
1. | | you from Indonesia? |
2. | | this your car? |
3. | | we at the right place? |
4. | | I in the right classroom? |
5. | | she tall? |
6. | | you always...
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