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Module Name: Strategic Management
Module Code: BSB 10178-3
Module Leader: Nieva Machín
Student’s Number: 4368
Student’s Name: Meritxell Tous Díaz
Submission Date: 17th January 2012


There are times in which small changes in processes can involve a big saving in time, money or working hours. The three concepts affect both the financial results: lowercosts. If, in the case of EasySolution, we also get to ensure the validity of the results at a scientific level and get adequate investment calculations in liquid chemicals needed almost 100% accuracy,then everything indicates that the business will be successful.
In this sense it may be advisable to make a more accurate evaluation to assess the “importance and likely success of each of thestrategies” considered “one of the simplest evaluates the Suitability, Feasibility and Acceptability (SFA) of the proposed strategies” (Jeffs, 2008).
About the Suitability of EasySolution we canhighlight some aspects. “Screening through scenarios” (Johnson et al, 2011:367) we find out that “while R&D by EU and US companies were the most affected by the crisis in 2009...these companies areexperiencing a strong recovery in 2010...The pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology sector increased R&D investments by 6’2%, strengthening its position as the sector investing the most in R&D” (EUJRC, 2011), which increase the number of potential customers, being an ideal opportunity from the external environment. The text mentions that “LabMinds team estimated the potential total market forEasySolution machines at about £1.0bn anually in the United Kingdom and the United States alone” .Also there is the fact that they won the “Idea Idol” prize, which allocated an inherent credibility tothe project. Although, the core strategic capability lies in its competitive advantage: its differentiation based in its ‘rarity and non-substitutability’ since the most similar products available in...
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