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Gran hotel de Pucón
Hotel for university students


Gran Hotel Pucón for university students is located in the Ninth Region of Chile. It isbetween the shores of Villarrica lake and the the imposing volcano of the same name. In our touristic complex the fun has not limits and that’s why we have 145 bedrooms in the hotel.


ClementeHolzapfel 190, Pucón, región de La Araucanía


Pucón Hotel which is located on the shores of Lake Villarrica with incredible scenery, with 4-star rated heating and air conditioning,Internet Wi-Fi. Offering a different approach to reaching college students with group room for 4 people, double rooms for individual students and teachers. To achieve coexistence and as enjoyable andsimilar to the university the idea is that they are not separated at any time with peers who have more emotional ties that was implemented by the group and double rooms and decide yourself want tosleep or share but that's not all we also include a discotheque international level so they can enjoy an unforgettable evening, which includes an open bar to enjoy the best national and internationaldrinks, drinking students must confirm their coming of age with his identity card, we also have agambling casino, gym, pool, recreation room that includes pool tables, tennis courts to promotesport and entertainment, we also care about  tending  relaxation  spa rooms and ended up with class restaurants.


_ Discotheque
_ Bar open
_ Casino Games
_ Swimming Pool
_ Gym
_ Spa_ Recreation room (pool tables)
_ Tennis Courts
_ Restaurants


_ Room Service 24 hours.
_ Mini bar.
_ It offers breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet
_ Air Conditioning and Heating_ Laundry and ironing all kinds of clothes.
_ Parking, free to guests
_ Satellite TV
_ Smoke detectors in rooms
_ Connection Wi-Fi

Group Room (4 people)

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