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The heart of the debate will be the reduction of greenhouse gases
In the following presentation we will be discussing an article related with theGreenhouse Effect” and how somecountries are working with the Global Warming. Before we continue with the article discussion it is important to understand the definition of Greenhouse Effect.
Greenhouse Effect is known
A process bywhich radioactive energy leaving a planetary surface is absorbed by some atmospheric gases, called greenhouse gases. They transfer this energy to other components of the atmosphere, and it isre-radiated in all directions, including back down towards the surface.
In the next round of climate negotiations to be held in early October in China, will enter into a negotiation paragraph by paragraph tofind bridges between the different proposals that are now in the negotiating text. The heart of the negotiation is going as developed countries reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases in comingyears to limit the temperature increase we are experiencing worldwide.
After the 'battle' won at the UN on August 6, which allowed Bolivia to achieve the inclusion of more than 13 points of thedocument prepared at the Summit of Tiquipaya, Bolivia's ambassador to the UN, Pablo Solon, is preparing to defend demand of the people in a preliminary meeting of Cancun in China.

What are the proposalson the issue of reducing harmful gases?
Developed countries say the goal is to limit temperature increase to 2 º C. Currently the increase in global average temperature is 0.8 º C compared topreindustrial times.
A lot of countries do not agree with that goal that triple the natural disasters that we suffered. Many of our glaciers disappear and several island countries would be under water.
Butwhat makes it even more difficult the negotiation is that the offers of reducing developed countries by 2020 would lead to an increase in temperature of more than 3 º to 4 º C, which would be...
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