El bosque

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Once upon a time there was a young boy whose name was Juan who lived in a big house near the woods. He had two younger brothers who were always with their mother. While his mother was out shopping since early that morning with his three brothers, Juan was helping his father work around the house. He wondered why I can’t go shopping and my brothers stay with my dad. But, he knew that wasn’tpossible. After a long day he asked his father if he could wash up and get some rest. His father said that it was fine with him; he knew that it was getting late and that they were working very hard since early in the morning.

After Juan washed up and ate supper he went to his room and turned on the television. He always turns it on before going to sleep. After going through some channels hefound a great movie called Stuart Little. This movie is about a mouse who is adopted by adults and their son. He was amazed of how an animal can talk. After watching it for a while he was thinking of how great it would be to have animal friends that can talk. He couldn’t keep his eyes open and fell sound asleep.

All of a sudden he was playing hide and seek with his brothers and friends in thewoods. He went really deep into the woods so that no one can find him. He started to wander around and found himself lost. Suddenly he saw a beautiful butterfly. The colors and the way it was flying were incredible. He decided to follow the butterfly to and see where it came from not realizing that he was going deeper into the woods. His brothers and friends started to ask around if they saw Juanbut, no one saw him. They looked all around; they even went deep into the woods but, Juan was already deeper into the woods so they decided to go back and just sit around and wait.

Meanwhile Juan saw a young lion and stood still. He was afraid the lion would see him and eat him up. He started to take small steps to the side to see if he could hide behind a tree until the lion walked away.Juan stepped on a branch and made noise. The lion looked up too see who was there and saw Juan. The boy started to run from the lion as fast as he could but the lion ran faster. All of a sudden the lion screamed ¡Please don’t run away I won’t hurt you! The boy ran faster he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He looked back and didn’t see the lion anymore.

The boy got tired and had tohide behind some bushes. He was stunned. He said to himself I’ve got to be dreaming. After he rested he thought I can leave now the lion is gone.

But, the lion was right behind him and he heard a voice that said: Please don’t go I won’t hurt you. He looked back and saw the lion. After ten seconds of silence Juan said animals don’t talk how come you can talk? The lion said we are special.That’s why we live so deep into the woods nobody knows about this. You are the very first person who finds out. Juan asked who else can talk? The lion whose name was Stafa answered back and said all animal that live beyond that tree which is the tallest tree in the woods.

After a long talk Juan said I’ve got to go back to my house I’ve been here very long and my family is going to thinkthat I’m lost or something bad happened to me. The lion said don’t worry I understand I just hope you can come back soon. The boy said I will but the next time I will bring my friends and my brothers they won’t believe what I saw. Along the way he made a lot of friends. He met squirrels and a lot of birds. He said I promise I’ll be back soon.

He made it safely to the house. When he arrivedhe was so happy he didn’t realize his mother was crying and that his dad had called the police to search for him. He tried to explain what he saw but they didn’t believe him. His parents punished him for two weeks. He was so sad. He thought that he wouldn’t see his new friends for a long time.

He tried to convince his friends in school, brothers, parents, cousins but no one would...
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