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Global warming, which is warming the Earth due to the use of fossil fuels and other industrial processes that lead to an accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A problem that is affecting most every day for mankind, gradually intervening in their lives, affecting in a gradually increasing factors involved in the development and balance of being around human beings, including himselfand principal concerned and which has caused this situation, which threatens life on Earth in a radical way and without going back.

This is because these gases and substances produced by man and still have not been eradicated in the intervening atmospheric changes that introduced the world from times past and now are causing serious consequences for stability and development ofdifferent life forms.

La presencia de diferentes cambios en el clima y condiciones climáticas que se conocen actualmente y que actúan de forma gradual y definida han presentado grandes variaciones originando desastres ambientales que atacan directamente la vida del ser humano y sus condiciones de vida. Algunos de los desastres provocados son: el deslave en el estado Vargas en 1999, el Tsunami en elcontinente asiático en el año 2005, los huracanes Katrina, Rita y Wilma que azotaron a los estados sureños de EE.UU. y los veranos excesivamente calientes en éste país y al sur de Europa, y las inundaciones registradas en gran cantidad de lugares como América central, algunas islas de Gran Bretaña, Bangla Desh, Indonesia, Mozambique y muchos otros, son consecuencias del excesivo calentamientoglobal.

Global warming is a term commonly used in two senses:

1. It is a phenomenon in the temperature measurements showing an average increase in temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans in recent decades.
2. It is a theory that predicts, based on projections based on computer simulations, a future of growth temperatures.

Sometimes used the names change, which meansany change in climate or anthropogenic climate change, which implicitly considers the influence of human activity. Global warming and greenhouse effect are not synonymous. The greenhouse effect enhanced by the pollution can be, according to some theories, the cause of global warming. La temperature has been rising since the mid-nineteenth century, when it ended the period known as the Little IceAge.

Predictions based on different models of the increase in global mean temperature with respect to its value in 2000.

Any climate change also involves changes in other variables. The complexity of the problem and its multiple interactions are the only way to evaluate these changes is through the use of computational models that attempt to simulate the physics of theatmosphere and ocean and have limited accuracy because of the ignorance of the functioning of the atmosphere.

The theory predicts that anthropogenic global warming will continue if they do the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The UN body responsible for the analysis of scientific data is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, by its initials in English of theInter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change).

The IPCC states that " Most of the increases in average temperature of the globe since the mid-twentieth century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic GHG concentrations". However, there are some discrepancies regarding the carbon dioxide is the principal greenhouse gas that affects the anthropogenic Global Warming
The Kyoto Protocol, anagreement promoted by the IPCC, promotes a reduction of pollutant emissions (mainly CO2).

The Kyoto Protocol, an agreement promoted by the IPCC, promotes a reduction of pollutant emissions (mainly CO2). The protocol has sometimes been accused of unfair, since the increase in emissions is traditionally associated with economic development, bringing the nations to which most affect the...
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