El gigante egoista

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The story tells about the life of the Giant who had a beautiful garden where the children used to play every afternoon because the giant wasn’t at home. But one evening the giant came back, after living for seven years with his friend the Cornish ogre. And He saw many children playing in their garden: He told them that the garden was your and He built a wall all round it andput up a notice-board, which said that nobody could play there.
Spring came, and only in the Giant's garden was still cold. As the children didn’t come again, the birds stopped singing and the trees stopped to flourish. The sad and lonely giant wondered why the spring didn’t come. One sunny morning, the giant saw something strange. The children had entered to the garden, but there was a boy, whowas too tiny and he couldn’t climb up the tree, so he was crying bitterly. When the giant saw the he knew why the spring would not come there, because he was a selfish giant. So he would put that poor little boy on the top of the tree, and then he would knock down the wall. However, when the children saw him they were so frightened that they all ran away, and the garden became winter again Thelittle boy did not do it because his eyes were so full of tears that he didn’t see the giant coming. So He took the child gently in his hand and put him up into the tree. Suddenly the spring came back to the garden, and the child stretched out his tow arms and flung them round the giant’s neck, and kissed him. The other children saw that the giant was not bad, they came running back, and with them camethe spring. Now it was their garden. The crying child disappeared; the other children didn’t know who he was and where he lived. In the afternoon the children played with the giant, but the little boy whom the giant loved was never seen again. Time passed and the giant grew very old and feeble. He stopped playing, but I used to sit and watch the children at their games. He thought that they werethe most beautiful flowers of all. One cold morning he looked out of his window as he was dressing. Now he didn’t hate the winter because he knew that the spring would come back. But under a tree with white flowers, branches and fruits of gold silver, he saw the child he loved so much.
The giant came near to the child and the talked. The little boy asked him to come whit him to boy’s garden,which was a Paradise. And when the children ran in that afternoon, they found the Giant lying dead under the tree, all covered with white blossoms.

I think that It is an extremely easy reading story, because it is for little children. You gradually learn that feelings are important, that nobody could live alone, and if you are generous you will gain glory. From my point of view this story istouching and interesting, because it shows the change that a person can have. In the beginning of the story the giant was selfish, unkind and insensitive. And he became kind, sensitive, unselfish, generous, and what’s more, he became a happy giant.

La historia cuenta sobre la vida de un ogro, quien tenía un hermoso jardín donde los niños solían jugar todas las tardes porque elgigante no estaba en casa. Pero una tarde el gigante regresó, después de haber vivido siete años con su amigo el ogro de Cornualles. Y vio a muchos niños jugando en su jardín: les dijo que el jardín estaba el y le construyó un muro alrededor y todo lo que poner un tablón de anuncios, que dijo que nadie podía jugar allí.
Llegó la primavera, y sólo en el jardín del Gigante era todavía frío. Como losniños no vienen de nuevo, los pájaros dejaron de cantar y los árboles dejaron de florecer. El gigante triste y solitario se preguntó por qué la primavera no llegó. Una mañana soleada, el gigante vio algo extraño. Los niños habían entrado al jardín, pero había un niño, que era demasiado pequeño y no podía subir al árbol, por lo que lloraba amargamente. Cuando el gigante vio, supo por qué la...
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