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'The grizzly man'
The grizzly man is a controversial documentary that shows the vulnerability of humans in front of wildlife. It tells the story of a man that dedicated 13 years of his life livingin grizzly maze, a territory that he doesn't belong to, located in the Alaskan Penninsula. Throughout this film it could be seen how Timothy Treadwell made an effort in protecting the grizzly bears andeven against the law which is presented just like everywhere else where money is what government is concerned about. Besides it seems Treadwell did not take into account that the way he behaved wouldcause a terrible obsession while leaving on the edge. Therefore, many ideas emerged against and for about what Treadwell was doing like the clear fact that everyone has a dream that need to befollowed all the way to the top to achieve it.
It is hard to believe that many times men have to do extreme things, like the situation shown in this documentary, to avoid their sad reality as it was thecase of Treadwell who seemed to fit in better in nature than in the world of men. It is notable the final lesson projected in the film: 'everyone has a dream... unfortunately some people lack thecourage to take the risk to achieve it. On the other hand, Thymotie shows a very serious situation that makes you think that is common everywhere, how the government's interests are on the money's side andnot on the need's realities, as it was the fact of allowing people like tourist, the media, etc. to come to the grizzly territory meanwhile Thymotie expresses his disagreement.
Treadwell wasknowledgeable about living safely among bears as he survived living with wild Grizzly bears for 13 years but he began to forget that he was not a bear and just how dangerous they were. Treadwell was naive andblinded by over confidence. It seems his isolation in that place drove him mad at the point of believing in being one of those wild animals. It was definitely clear the Treadwell's guiltiness for...
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