El uso de la tecnologia en la educacion preescolar

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Use of Technology or not in kinder garden education

Technology is been around for a while, just lately, we been using it for just about anything, Early Education is not the exception. These days,we use computers as means of communication, studying a career, banking etc; but this was not always like this, if we look at the way our grandparents and parents were though, they barely if any used acomputer or had knowledge about them and now some of them know how to use them.
Computers are essential in today’s economy, if we are not familiar with them, we are obsolete. Therefore it isessential to learn how to use them, learn basic programs and the use of the internet.
The use of computers to teach children has cause a lot of controversy. There are parents and educators reluctant to puta computer in a classroom. They believe you can learn to use the computer at any age, without having previous training or we get hints from friends and or family to use them, therefore it should bepart of on the job training, and it should be provided by the employer.
The majority of current experts are convince of the importance of the method based on the studies of Swiss Psychologist JeanPiaget. This theory assumes that children learn to build their own knowledge by being immersed in an environment rich in opportunities where they can explore, manipulate objects and solve problems.Within this theory, educators believe that counting reading and writing are very similar to walk and talk. They trust children will acquire these skills when they are ready to do so; whenever children aregiven the opportunity to practice and experiment in an environment in which they will find support, without pressure.
On the other hand, there are many experts also committed to Piaget theory, inwhich, they agree with the fact that there are many programs that does not take into account the levels of development, and believe that computers with suitable programs can be use as a tool for...
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