Elections in venezuela

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Trusts in the elections abstention
For many years the abstention and lack of trust in political elections in many countries in the world is not due to lack information about the candidates if not the population are not trusting in the way their governments held the elections .For the reason that many of them countries have investment millionaire amount in technology in acquire ballot machinesto improve the trust and efficiency in the elections
The benefit of this voting system is the speed in which results can be obtained because results are tabulated almost instantaneously
Electronic voting is already in use in many countries all over the world and has proven to speed up the counting of votes as well as improve turnout among voters. Several countries however have expressed concernover the possibility that electronic voting can lead to massive electoral fraud as Venezuela ones of the country in Third World who has been using E-voting systems in the last elections. Where voters have their dough how this new technology works due to this machines would easy be manipulate by human hands. However, Estonia for example, uses this type of e-voting system by providing voter passwordsthrough the postal service or via a national ID equipped with a microchip
Some of these advantages are lesser cost, faster tabulation of results, improved accessibility, greater accuracy, and lower risk of human and mechanical errors. However, sound quite amazing nevertheless, why the population in many countries in the world are still thinking and trusting and the manual vocations and howtheir governments of those countries try to sale them the idea the E-VOTING is the best inversion they have done.

“Basta con il vote electronico ".( Stop with E-Voting) With this declaration of the 29 of November of 2006, the Minister of the Interior of Italy, Giuliano Amato [ 1 ], gave by cancelled of definitive way all possibility that his country adopted the electronic system of voting,recognizing, in addition, that the manual voting with physical endorsement was less easy to cheat because " a software cannot be connected". And in Holland the pioneering country of the electronic vote finishes making the decision to leave the electronic system and to vote using “a paper and red pencil" back to old days.

That have left to us the countries that we are using this new model ofvoting if their creator recognized apostatize to use it and recognize that it is so easy to do a fraud to it, without the electoral judges realize the fraud[ 2 ], well Hollander said we don’t trust voting computers” that demonstration of untruth in own systems. However, October 2006 the Hollander court eliminate the E-Voting in Holland due to a investigation do by a IS engineering how showedthe machines can be rigged by they emitted an electromagnetic signal when the person voted" that she made possible, using certain devices, knowledge to several meters of distance by that had supported.

So in the present moments does not exist any reliable Electronic voting systems. In outcome, which is happening in Europe at this moment is one dispersed in the use of the electronic votingsystems, after to have demonstrated in Holland that its system could easily be taken part and they were possible to be altered the electoral results and to be revealed the secret of the vote. As was result of the Dutch sentence, the Netherlands, Ireland and England, have suspended to the electronic voting and the pilot projects who was in execution. The decisions taken in these countries against theelectronic system of voting force to reject it in Venezuela.
Unlike what it is happening in Europe, in Venezuela we continued with an electronic system that snatched to the Venezuelan the right to them to choose when confiscating to their control on the electoral process. The Venezuelan electoral system no longer belongs to them nor controls by population.
Considering the security aspects,...
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