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-Static Electricity.

What is static electricity?
Static electricity is the accumulation of electric charges around an object.
It is created when you rub objects and provoke positive and negative charges on the other surface.
This could create sparks or what is known as taps.
Properties or effects of static electricity
Static electricity causes that are materials attract or repeleach other. It can also cause sparks that jump from one material to another.

**when someone rubbed a balloon on a wool sweater. The balloon collects negative electrical charge on its surface and positive charges making wool.
Or when you pass a comb through her hair this is going to fill it can lift loads and neutral fabrics as shown.**Repulsion: *
when you brush your hair when you just dry, this is often remain separate and very fluffy.
-Electric forces:

Coulomb’s law.
A common manifestation of electricity is the force of attraction or repulsion between two stationary objects which perform the same electrical force on each other.
The electrical charge of each body can be measured in Coulombs. Theforce between two particles with charges q1 and q2 may be calculated by Coulomb's law According to which the force is proportional to the product of charges divided by the square of the distance between them
Mathematical Expression. La ley de Coulomb

By a torsion balance, Coulomb found that the force of attraction or repulsion between two point charges is inversely proportional to the squareof the distance that separates them.The value of the constant of proportionality depends on the units in which to express F, q, q 'and r. In the International System of Units of Measure 9 • 10.9 Nm2/C2 worth.Coulomb's law has the same functional law of Universal Gravitation
Between two or more loads there is a force called electric force whose magnitude depends on the value of the loads andthe distance that separates them, while its sign depends on the sign for each load. The charges repel, and of different signs attract.

The force between two charges is calculated as:


-Electric Current
The current is the flow of electric charges through material which can be 100% driver or not 100%. more intense the electric charge in thecurrent movement will be strong ma.
Is the flow of positive charges per unit of time running through a material throughout its mass.
This is done from the positive to the negative one of the materials that allows this flow is maintained is the meta l receiving electric current with a negative charge.
The electric current happens when you move an electric charge, is very intense amount ofcharge that brings the amp, the unit strength is measured in ampere.
The ampere
It is the strength and the magnetic field created by the current, the coulomb was also named.
The ampere is a measure for the electricity that is represented with an''A''measures the intensity of electric current, is part of the basic units ineternacional System units.
The ampere is the intensity of a currentthat is constant in two parallel conductors.
Electrical Resistance
It is an object or substance that makes resistance or oppose the passage of electric current, resistance in a circuit demuesta us how much current flows through the circuit with a given voltage is measured ohm resistance, the investments of the resistance is 1 / R is called conductance and is represented com''G''.
Theresistance of a conductor is determined by a substance that is composed of the object, the temperature also affects the resistance of this.
Ohm's Law
Ohm's law states that an object's ability to conduct electrical charge can be investigated by measuring the intensity of current which is circulating
For many substances, the intensity is directly proportional to the potential difference, if...
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