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1.- Broaden your vocabulary. Copy the lesson and circle all words you donot know their meaning. Are these ones on your list?

- attract - electrical charge - positive / negative / neutral

- opposite / same - repel - static electricity - to rub - tostick

2.- ELECTRICAL CHARGES REVIEW. Answer using whole sentences.

a. How many types of electrical charges are there?

b. When is it said that an object is positively charged?It is said that...

c. When is it said that an object is negatively charged?


d. When do we say that an object is neutral?

e. What happens with objectswith opposite charges?

f. What happens with objects with same charges?

3.- Investigate: Rub a plastic pen onto your clothes (only wool); then stick it to small pieces of paper. What canyou see?

4.- Explain what happens in activity 3.

5.- Can you report any other example of static electricity?

6. Read carefully the following text. Then, answer the questions.Static electricity and lightning

Static electricity often happens when you rub things together. If you rub a balloon against your jumper 20 or 30 times, you'll find the balloon sticks to you. Thishappens because rubbing the balloon gives it an electric charge (a small amount of electricity).

Lightning is also caused by static electricity. As rain clouds move through the sky, they rubagainst the air around them. This makes them build up a huge electric charge. When this charge is big enough, it leaps to Earth as a bolt of lightning.

When clouds drift through the sky, ice particlesinside them rub against the air and gain static electrical charges—in just the same way that a balloon gets charged up when you rub it on your jumper. The top of a cloud becomes positively charged...
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