Elements of culture

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There are different types of cultures across the world and each culture has its unique essence. While defining the term ‘culture’, there are several elementsthat together constitute as the culture of a particular region or the culture of particular people. What are the elements of culture? Here is your answer:
• Language: The variouslanguages are essentially an important part of the culture. Read information about different languages.
• Norms: Every society or every civilization has a set of norms, which are aninseparable part, and an important element of the culture. This can include the folkways, mores, taboos and rituals in a culture.
• Values: The social values of a particularcivilization are also considered as an element of the culture. The values of a culture often refer to the things to be achieved or the things, which are considered of great worth or value in aparticular culture.
• Religion and Beliefs: The religion and the beliefs of the people in a civilization play an important role in shaping up of the culture as well. Read informationabout world religions.
• Social Collectives: Social collectives refer to the social groups, organizations, communities, institutions, classes, and societies, which are considered assymbolic social constructions.
• Statuses and Roles: A status or a social role is nothing but a slot or position within a group or society, which gives an overall idea of the socialstructure and hence is an important element of culture. This can also include traditional gender-based or age-based roles.
• Cultural Integration: This includes the degree ofharmony or integration within the various elements of culture. This can include elements like sub-cultures, local cultures and the difference between historical and cultural traditions.
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