Emilio aguinaldo

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Maripaz Fernandez
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Emilio Aguinaldo
I began my journey as leader of Philippines; inspired by the vision of an independent country I would call the First Philippine Republic,contemplating our first constitution, the Malolos Constitution on January 21, 1899. Our country’s military forces have been united, along with myself, to make this revolution possible and expel the Spanishfrom out land. It has not been easy, but with the command of Andres Bontifacio in the Katipunan organization, our armed forces were stronger than ever. Our people have fought for the sovereignty of ournation with great courage because: ‘’We cannot free ourselves unless we move forward, united with a single desire’’.
However, the sovereignty that we have fought for, was threatened by the UnitedStates military forces who raided our land with their guns and rifles after refusing to recognize the independent nation which we have fought to build. As president and leader of our people, it is inmy best interest to restore what we were so longing to become. Diplomatic solutions with the Americans have been repeatedly unsuccessful so I decided to lead an insurrection against the United States,being my last resort. Hopefully, most of you will favor my decision and volunteer to help because now is the time our nation needs us to be unified and strong. The American forces will outnumber us,but it is our skill and spirit that must prevail to take control once again.
I must ask you not to judge me for the following decision I am about to make. Being a strong, patriotic president to thecountry of Philippine’s, it is my most earnest desire that we are independent from all foreign form of government. However, I beg you to understand the circumstances that have led to what I will tellyou next. I have taken an oath of allegiance to the United States, taking down all we worked to construct after the Spanish left. But I did this not to give up on our hopes of sovereignty, I took...
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