Eniromental pollution

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Enviromental Pollution
Enviromental pollution is the contamination of air, water and land from man-made or natural disasters. It causes disorder or discomfort to the ecosystem. The elements ofpollutions can be chemical substances or energy.
First chart:
In the world, there are a lot of causes of Enviromental pollution. This pie chart shows that the 29.4% of pollution is cause byfactories, the 25.55% is cause by construction, the21.5% is cause by other heavy industry, the 14.25% is cause by combustion, and finally the 9.2% is cause by natural disasters. It’s clear thatFactories are the biggest problem for the world.
Second chart:
In the world there are a lot of places, but in this chart explains world’s worst polluted places. As you can see Sumgayit with 5.5% isthe polluted place in the world, sencond is Linfen with 4.85%. This 4.85% represent an instability place that is located in china. Third we have Tianying that is located in China with4.65%. FourthSukinda in India with 4.25% of pollution. Fifth Vapi in India too with 3.81%. Sixth on the chart La oroya in Peru with 3.67% of pollution. Seventh on the chart Dzerzhinsk in Russia with 3.26%.Eighth on the chart Norilsk in Russia with 2.72%. Ninth on the chart is Chemobyl in Ukraine with 2.46% and the last one in the chart is Kabwe in Zambia with 2.25%.

Things you can do to stoppollution:
* join a group who are trying to  stop pollution. Again, see my links section
* recycle as much 'waste' as you can. Or don't buy stuff which becomes waste
* if you want to gosomewhere, try and walk or use a  bicycle. Cars are  big polluters
* if you can, try and get organic food. Organic food does not contain any kind of pesticide or use chemicals that harm the land,air or water. Animals raised in organic farms are treated more kindly than in factory farms
* don't buy things that you don't need or that you end up throwing away in a couple of weeks
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