Ensayo De Ingles Sobre Violencia

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The violence and abuse in Mexico has being one of the most frequents problems, and one of the most annoying for my. This presents in three powerful kinds:
• Violence at the woman
• Bullying
• Domestic violence
Also there are other kinds like the national problem of the drug trafficking and the crime which don’t put we stay relax.
The first three are because every time there isanyone that feel powerless and need shows his power, doing use of the violence, but the biggest problem of them is that the victims of one aggressor sometimes turn in futures aggressors, this causes a vicious circle which never ends.
If the victims don’t turn in aggressors, turn in introverted people or in extreme cases can suicide.
The only solution must be make conscience in the society, forthey understand that the problem that complains is that they cause.
The abuse to the woman is changing in one of the most frequent acts in our society, to a point that is scary. I say this because is many people that when in the newspaper there a news of this kind they don’t surprise, and simply say ``one more´´.
The violence has one profound effect on the woman. Beginbefore the birth in some countries whit selective abortions according the sex. Or at birth when the parents desperate for have a male son can kill their female babies. And continues affecting at the woman at the large of her life. All the years millions of girls are submitted at the mutilation of their genitals. Obviously the girls have more possibility than their brothers of be violated or sexuallyabused for their family, people in power positions or confidence or other people. In some countries when the maiden woman or adolescent that has violated can be required to get married whit her aggressor or be imprisoned for committed ``a crime ´´. The women who become pregnant before the marriage can be punched, ostracized or killed for her family, although the pregnancy is the result of aviolation.
After the marriage, the biggest danger of violence for the woman continue living in her own home where her husband and, sometimes the politic family can attack, violated or kill them. When the woman is pregnant, age or has disabilities is more vulnerable at the attack.
Thanks to some associations which fight against abuse at the woman find that not all the abusers are of just self onesocial class someone whit a low cultural level, alcoholic, etc., namely, low class. This studies has show that the only thing that share all the abusers is the attempt of domain to the woman for their belief of superiority on them. Are men who not by necessity have be austere of face to all the world, on the contrary, can be people very nice who don’t cause suspicion, if this kind of abuser are tooof the high social class, don’t usually happen the physic abuse, but yes a big psychological abuse because usually have big social life and must cause suspicion watch at their wife whit marks of abuse. All the kinds of abusers are also extremely jealous and distrust of their wife sometimes to extraordinary lengths.
I think that the only solution at this big problem is just one change of mentalityin all the society, begin in the houses of families, because the sons don’t be influenced, because when they watch at the father abuse of their mother is the learning.
Other common problem of violence is the domestic violence. According to Eduardo Correa domestic violence is defined as the act or omission recurring intentionally or cyclical, where dominates, submits, controls or assaultsphysical, verbal, psychological, emotional or sexual in any family member, inside or outside his home, a situation in which there is some relationship between those involved.
Domestic violence affects the good behavior of people who integrate the family to inside and outside the home, taking attitudes that can take many forms, sometimes people are isolated from others and start a form of mental...
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