Ensayo de perfume

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The movie the perfume is the story of a man called Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the mother´s Jean give him up because she believed him dead and so she give him up in a French fish marketwhere she worked.
Jean Baptiste lived in an orphanage where he lived 13 years, Jean grows as a boy with a superhuman sense of smell.
When he was 13 years the owner of the orphanage decided to sellto a tanner.
One day Jean Baptiste did his first delivery to Paris, where he loves the new smells and he goes to a perfume shop, where he caught the scent of a beautiful redheaded girl sellingplums, the girl was scared when Jean Baptiste approached her and began to smell her, she screams and he covers her mouth, he was not his intention but he kills her, undresses her and starts to smell.
Thetanner sold to Jean Baptiste with the owner of a perfume shop, he begins to work, the owner of the perfume shop tells him that there are other ways to capture odors as maceration and he could learn inthe city of Grasse. After this confession the owner collapses and dies.
After that Jean Baptiste travels to the city of Grasse. And learn the technique of maceration by Madame Arnulfi. Jean Baptistebegan to experiment killing and capturing beautiful young girls let the naked bodies to capture their scents, creating panic.
Jean Baptiste ends his perfume when kills to Laura Richis, after thismurder he was captured and tortured and he confesses.
The day Jean Baptiste will be executed he poured the perfume and all the people including his executioner are hypnotist, then Jean Baptiste beginsto remember that pretty redheaded seller plums and imagine a kiss whit her. Laura's father takes advantage of this moment and tries to kill him but the scent of perfume makes that he finishes askingforgiveness of the murderer of his daughter.
After that Jean Baptiste returns to Paris, and going to the fish market where he was born with the bottle of perfume, he takes the bottle and pours it...
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