Ensayo el pescador y su alma

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“The Fisherman and his Soul”: Essay

Oscar Wilde is a universal historical character. His contribution to the literature is undeniable, because the beauty of his writing is useful to learn thefeatures of English language. That’s why, I think is necessary tell a little bit what was my opinion about the classic tale “The Fisherman and his Soul”, with a brief subjective analysis of what I read.First, it strikes the old language used; words as “thee” and “thy” (you) or “nay” (something like “no”) are frequently mentioned. However, reading the context of the word you can deduce easily whatthey mean, so it isn’t very difficult.
On the other hand, we have the plot of the story, which made me remember the famous tale “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen, because in both talesthe main character must strip off from a valuable possession, as the voice in her case and the soul in his case, to be with the loved person. In Oscar Wilde’s tale the young Fisherman decides to do whathis Mermaid ask for him and he turns to a priest, but he refuses, then the Fisherman turns to a witch, who agree to do it with the condition that he has to dance with her under the moonlight. In thisdancing scene, the suspense makes you not want to stop reading, because it has much intensity, and even implicitly describes the Devil: : “’Faster, faster!’ she cried, and the earth seemed to spinbeneath his feet, and his brain grew troubled, and a great terror fell on him, as of some evil thing that was watching him, and at last he became aware that under the shadow of a rock there was a figurethat had not been there before.”
When the Fisherman leaves his soul, he cannot get rid of it completely, since year after year the Soul calls him and tells him what has done without him, and finallythe Soul achieves its purpose of returning to his body. The popular belief says that the soul is something clean and pure, but here the author shows it as an evil being, when it forces him to do...
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