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What’s the main idea of the chapter?
The chapter mainly talks about how the protagonist describes the house, he says all the description in detail, he named some murders but he doesn’t say the way those happened. The people calls the protagonist “The hermit of Malfine” (Malfine it’s the name of the mansion where he lives) but the people doesn’t know that he’s coming back, it’s a confusingchapter so I couldn’t understand much of it.

How did you feel after reading the chapter?
I felt attracted by the story because it has a little suspense, I really want to know what is going to happen now that he mentioned his back, I really like stories with murders and all this kind of things, I hope the story develops great and read a very good and interesting story.
What did you like about thechapter?
I liked the way he described the house, so I imagined everything in detail, the scene was terrific , here’s a little paragraph of the chapter “I walk trough my mansion of Malfine , trough room after darkened room, the reception rooms, the dining rooms, the ballroom , the grant suites and bedrooms, the endless hutches for maids up in the attics. All is deserted” That was the paragraphthat made me imagine everything and feel that I was there.

What’s the main idea of the chapter?
It’s mainly about describing how the things changed in England, he finally go out of his mansion and he was in way to the village, watching the landscape and comparing it with the old Englad he knew, the he saw a man tied to the wheel of a cart, he have seen that torture in othercountries but he couldn’t believe that they had fallen in a barbarity like this in his country. A red haired man explained him why was that man tied to the wheel, it’s because he killed a farmer and his son…but in the end of the chapter the man said that he didn’t killed them.
How did you feel after reading the chapter?
I felt a little bit bored with this chapter because the protagonist was talkingabout something and then he changed the theme, so it’s a little bit hard to understand the chapter, but at the same time I was a little bit excited because this is the real beginning of the story ,it was a bored but a bit interesting chapter because of the end of it.
What did you like about the chapter?
Again, the description, he says all in detail and explain the things so we can imagineeverything, i also liked that he talked about the wheel torture because i have never heard or read about it and I liked the end of the chapter when they cut the ropes of the “gypsy” (The way they called the man in the wheel) and he said that he did not killed them and then he said in Romany language “tatcho! Tatcho!” wich means “It is truth!truth!”

What’s the main idea of the chapter?
Thischapter is about the murder of the farmer and his son, Ambrose went to the barn to see the corpses, he described the condition of the bodies, it was a little bit disgusting, the red haired man called Seliman Day was with him there, he told him that they were murdered inside the house but then Mistress Crawshay (wife of the farmer) and he brought them to the barn, she told him about the gypsy manso they caught him in the way, Ambrose doubts if the gypsy is guilty or innocent so he tells Day and Granby (an ex soldier) to take the man to Malfine and hold him there.
to take him to the mansion
How did you feel after reading the chapter?
Surprised! I liked this chapter because it has mystery, the story begins to take shape and it’s easier to understand, the way it takes it’s interestingand makes you want to read more, I didn’t suspected that Ambrose was going to describe the corpses, that was surprising and disgusting at the same time.
What did you like about the chapter?
I liked that Ambrose wants to know the truth about the gypsy, he said in the chapter that he doesn’t know why he was so concerned about the fate of the man. “I could have turned my back. I could have walked...
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