Ergonomia en clinica dental

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Hand Pain
Dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants may experience hand pain in performing dental procedures.

Typical Hand Motions That Aggravate Hand Pain
Hand pain mayinclude throbbing, aching, numbness and tingling, stiffness or diminished strength. Performing dental procedures in which you use your finger, thumb or wrist muscles frequently or for prolonged periods oftime can lead to or aggravate conditions that cause hand pain.

Ganglion cysts non-cancerous, fluid-filled lumps usually found on the back of the wrist. Trigger finger Swelling of the tendon or sheathsurrounding the tendons of the finger or thumb joints causing resistance to movement and sometimes a popping noise. Carpal tunnel syndrome pressure on the median nerve as it enters the hand through asmall opening (carpal tunnel) in the wrist, resulting in pain, numbness or tingling of the thumb, index and middle fingers. For further information see: id=8&topcategory=Hand

Helpful Hints
Holding the Wrist in a Non-Neutral Position: The wrist is bent (flexed) while the fingers arebeing used. Tight Pinch Grip: The distal index finger jointis straight or hyperextended in a tight grip. Work with wrist in neutral position, when possible. In a neutral position, the wrist is held straight or in a slight extension.

Common Conditions ThatCause Hand Pain
Tendonitis/Tenosynovitis Inflammation or thickening of a tendon or the tendon sheath which may result in pain or difficulty of movement. Osteoarthritis Adegenerative joint diseasecharacterized by erosion of the joint cartilage. Often results in pain and swelling of the finger joints, and development of nodules at the joint. Use a more relaxed grip, when possible. The distal fingerjoint is slightly flexed in arelaxed grip.


Hand Pain
Exercise your hands after doing procedures by stretching your wrists and fingers. Especially stretch the area between the thumb...
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