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Exam 1

5 perspectives discussed in class: Mechanism, Development, Application, Description, Evolution

During activation of knee jerk reflex, sensory information is sent from sensory neuron tomotor neuron

IN bechara paper, lack of skin conductance responses to a load boat horn was observed in lesion in the amygdala and the person with lesions in both hippocampus and amygdala

Corpuscallosum can be identified as white matter

Damage to the amygdala region of the brain impairs recognition of facial expressions of fear.

Evolution is the reason why vertebrates share a commonancestor and have similarities in brain sx and fx and therefore have behavior, allows researchers to compare results in studies on humans and animals.

an electrical synapse is faster that a chemicalsynapse bc ions pass freely between the pre-synaptic and post-synaptic neuron

Multiple sclerosis is caused by widespread destruction of oligodendrocytes

Parkinson disease can be treated withElectrical stimulation of neurons deep within the subthalamic nucleus.

when a post-synaptic neuron receives an inhibitory post-synaptic potential, the post synaptic neuron will become hyperpolarizedthrough an influx of chloride ion (Cl)

Frontal cortex lesions in humans are often associated with uncoordinated movements/deficits in planning actions

invertebrates, like lobsters, commonly evadecapture by darting backwards from a predator.The neurons forming this escape reflects the use of Electrical Synapses to facilitate a rapid behavioral response

Schawann cells are responsible formyelination in the peripheral nervous system

Dr. Roberts thinks that there will be more dopamine receptor expression in the brain of men rated to be more aggressive. PET scan can be used to test thishypothesis

Transmission bind to postsynaptic receptors-cause EPSP/IPSP, action potentials travels down to axon to the axon terminal, synaptic vesicles fuse with membrane and release transmitter...
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