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Feelings, Attitudes, and Behaviors Scale for Children
By Joseph H. Beitchman, M.D.

Profile Report

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FAB-C Profile Report for Michael Sample

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Feelings, Attitudes, and Behaviors Scale for Children (FAB-C) is aneasily administered self-report instrument designed to assess a range of emotional and behavioral problems in children aged 6 to 13 years. This report provides information about the client’s scores and how they compare with the scores of the normative sample of nonclinical individuals. Separate norms are calculated for boys and girls in two-year age intervals, based on a normative sample of 1988children. See the FAB-C Technical Manual (published by MHS) for more information about this instrument and its results.

Cautionary Remarks
This computerized report is meant to act as an interpretive aid and should not be used as the sole basis for intervention or clinical diagnosis. This report works best when combined with other sources of relevant information (e.g., tests, observations,historical information). The report is based on an algorithm that produces the most common interpretations for the scores that have been obtained. Atypical interpretations must be explored in other ways on a case-by-case basis. The information contained in this report should be treated as confidential.

FAB-C Profile Report for Michael Sample

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FAB-C T-Scores
The following graph providesMichael's T-scores for each of the six FAB-C scales and the Problem Index.



FAB-C Profile Report for Michael Sample

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Summary of Scale Scores and Problem Index
The following table summarizes Michael's scale scores and Problem Index and gives general information about how the person being evaluated compared to the normative group. More interpretive data areprovided later in this report. Subscale Conduct Problems Self-Image Worry Negative Peer Relations Antisocial Lie Problem Index Raw Score 6 0 7 5 5 2 9 TScore Guideline 60 44 70 65 66 50 49 Slightly Above Average (Borderline: Should raise concern) Slightly Below Average (Low scores are good: Not a concern) Much Above Average (Probable significant problem) Above Average (Possible significantproblem) Much Above Average (Probable significant problem) Average (Typical Score: Should not raise concern) Average (Typical Score: Should not raise concern)

Significantly Elevated Scales (T-score > 65)
· · The following scale score(s) is/are elevated (T-Score > 65) and potentially could be cause for concern: Worry Antisocial

Somewhat Elevated Scales (T-score = 60 to 65)
· · The following scalescore(s) is/are somewhat elevated (T-Score = 60 to 65) and potentially could be cause for concern: Conduct Problems Negative Peer Relations

FAB-C Profile Report for Michael Sample

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Item Responses
The following response values were entered for the FAB-C items. The pie graph shows the distribution of responses.

Response Key
1 = Yes 2 = No

Validity Assessment
Lie Scale:T-Score = 50
This scale provides an estimate of whether or not the respondent’s style of responding is truthful and consistent with that shown by other children and adolescents of the same age and gender. Michael’s score on the Lie scale was within the average range, suggesting that he answered the questions in an appropriate manner.

FAB-C Profile Report for Michael Sample

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GeneralExamination of the Profile
An overall examination of the profile reveals that two or more scales are significantly elevated. This type of profile is usually categorized by the two highest scales. Such a designation is called a “two-point code”. Two-point codes tend to be useful and robust ways of categorizing individuals into clinically meaningful patterns of behavior. Children with elevated...
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