Fahrenheit 9/11

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Michael Moore is a film maker that in 2004 released his best film or documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. This movie tells about George Busch’s presidency, how he was elected the business he used to make andmore. But what this film mainly talks about is the attack of terrorists at the world. Moore made a whole research to conclude that the attack to the world trade center on September 11, 2001. Was onlyan attack in which certain people were the target. This movie also shows secret and uncensored documents. So this film Fahrenheit 9/11 gives a critical look to Busch’s presidency.

I think thisfilm is true because it shows lots of facts about Bush’s presidency, election and his business. It gives a look to all he did. First it shows the fraud at Florida. Just as it was at the senate. Buschdidn’t have to be elected president. Then it shows how Busch couldn’t handle the charge of being president so, he went on vacation. It tells about the documents in which Busch’s name was crossed out. Itshows the deals Busch’s family had with the Saudis. Moore interviews people to know how much money the Saudis invested with Busch’s companies.

However most people don’t think this is true at all.An they don’t think this documentary make the history clear, instead they say it makes it more confusing. As I said it makes everything more confusing, it shows facts that make contradict some versionsgiven by the government. News reports, and other sources. This film was made to try to make the facts more clear. However it couldn’t make it’s purpose. It was the contrary it was seen as acontroversy. Against the government and specially against Busch. This film shows Busch’s family in part responsible for the attack to the world trade center.

Many people believe this is a controversy butthere is a quantity of people that believe this is true. This is a very good film with a good research. This film wasn’t produced to show try to give the people a bad image of Busch. It shows facts...
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