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“Famous street artists”

A street artist is someone who likes to express himself or herself trough their art, they create different things in a public space like paintings, sculptures,posters, street performances, stencilled pictures and graffitis. They can be seen all throughout the world and some of them do it for the pleasure of being seen, for fun or just to earn somemoney from tourists.

If they do or do not make a difference in their countries depends on the culture of the city or town they live in, for example some places of Europe consider streetartists really important and they license them so they can sell their work or just do it freely while other parts of the world consider it vandalism, unlawful and even thieves.
I like it whenthey do stuff to entertain you or surprised you with their creations like an amazing picture of some random thing etc… but I don’t like when they feel the need to remind everyone that they existby spray painting their name everywhere, that’s annoying. I wouldn’t do it, because I don’t have the skills to do things like that, and I think that the street art in general is really cool,and it kind of distracted you from your agitated life.

Is an Italian street artist from Bologna, he is known for his giant’s wallpaintings and people tend to consider his creations a little disturbing and uncomfortable because of his attachment for surreal drawings.
He has painted a lot of walls in European citieslike Berlin, London and Paris, and even some in America.
Thanks to Blu, street art is now considered an artistic and social phenomenon. He is one of the figures who helped to give “form” tothis new tendency.
What Blu try to do with his painting is to cause “polemic” within people and doing that in anonymous or emblematic places, with his huge figures and complexes scenes.
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