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Pre-Delivery Evaluation Checklist
Course Information
The name of the course will be “ For 2100…RRR”

Course Description
This topic is created based on classes given during three weeks of class(5 hours each), using the book Access 2a, module 5 “Environmental Problems in which they discuss about global warming, recycling, super volcanoes around the world. As grammar, this module coversfirst and second conditional, in which students have to find causes and consequences of environmental problems, make questions and answers using the grammar structures.
Time was limited, it became hardfor students analyze the situations and identify causes and consequences, even more difficult at the moment of connect that with the conditionals. According to this, the course will be focused ingiving students the opportunity to work more on identify causes and consequences of a situation and use the conditionals.
The activities of the course will help students practice and give ideas to designtheir final project.
Learner Characteristics
The learners are 15 COPEI pre – teens from 11 to 12 years old in level 5, but level B2 according the CEF. This group has been together since level one;they know each other and like to work in groups, even when most of the times tend to divide just in boys and girls. They like English, but it is hard for them to fragment things, to see first the smallthings that make the big ones.

Can write clear, connected sentences on a range of familiar subjects within his field of interest, by linking a series of shorter discrete elements intoa linear sequence and analyzing causes and effects.(CEF)
Performance Tasks
students will design a brochure in which they will show the different environmental problems that are affecting the worldand which would be the consequences, they will have to give tips on how people can help to save the world, all of these using first and second conditionals. They will present their brochures to their...
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