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Index – Fashion

Ch. 1: What is Fashion?
-Fashion Involves:
-Foot Ware
Ch. 2: The Beginning of Fashion

Important Years for Fashion
Ch. 3: 1920 – 1930
Ch. 4: 1940 – 1950
Ch. 5: 1960 – 1970
Ch. 6: 1980 – 1990

Ch. 7: Important Designers of all Time


Since the beginning of times, well maybe not thatfar, there have always been

people who like to dress in a good way, like imposing new combinations of

colors, types of clothes, and creating new ways of dressing.

I chose this theme because at this point of my life, fashion is a part of what I

like; I like to watch TV shows, reading magazines, see what celebrities are

wearing etc...

And I like to dress or to try to dress accord towhat is “in”, I love shoes, well

what girl doesn’t like shoes?, I love boots, and I am a jeans girl.

When I was a little girl I always said I wanted o be a fashion designer, but I got

no imagination, so now I choose that instead of being a fashion designer I could

do my own way of looking but with the clothes that are from the season.

My mom makes uniforms and she likes to sew, and Ithink that maybe that

influenced me a little.

I choose this theme not just because people dress good, also because of its

history, were all begins, and what inspires people to make good clothes or what

influence people to choose which clothes to wear, with which outfit and in what


Thanks to fashion many people have a work and a life, fashion gives people theconfidence to do some things, like if you’re going to a work interview, if you

dress good, you surely would give a first good impression, so that gives you a

point in your favor, is going to be more easy to get the job.

And that’s what I like the most about fashion, that it gives people confidence to

do things.

Beginning of Fashion

Like everything, fashion has its beginning.

Fashionhas evolved very much, it have been from Egyptian cotton, to royalty

dresses, and when women started to use jeans to the mini skirt.

Now here is some important epochs for fashion:

Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome
Clothing was not in any way a practical necessity in Ancient Egypt. Clothing

was therefore a luxury item of no great practical value.

As people went up the social scale moreclothing and jewelry was worn,

but even then the drapery of the clothing is light and designed more to

accentuate the shape of the body than conceal it.  The most elaborate Egyptian

clothing was worn by the Pharaohs and their queens as symbols of power. 

Ancient Greek dress was more voluminous than that of the Egyptians, and was

most often made of fine woolens, although it is thoughtthat the Greeks also had

regular access to linen, hemp cloth and silk.

The primary garment of Ancient Greek clothing was the Chiton, an all-over body

garment made from a large rectangle of cloth wrapped once around the body

from right side to right side.

reveals many important changes. First, the basic garments are sewn, not

pinned, and close on both sides. Second,elaborate fabric decoration nearly

disappears, and bold patterns on garments are nonexistent.

Dress in Early Medieval Europe
Medieval fashion during the middle Ages was dominated and highly

influenced by the Kings and Queens of the era. Only the wealthy could dress in

fashionable clothes.

Only royalty were allowed to wear cloth of gold and purple silk. Expensive veils

were banned forlower class women. Only the wives or daughters of nobles

were allowed to wear velvet, satin sable or ermine.

The Medieval fashion worn in the royal courts in the Middle Ages were imitated

across Europe. Fashions in France, Spain and Italy strongly influenced the

fashions of Medieval England.

Dress in the First Revolution
Dress during this period goes through a massive shift. ...
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