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Myths and Facts on Size and Bodies

Myth: Barbie and Ken are hot!
Fact: If Barbie were a real woman, she would have to grow to be seven feet tall. She would have a bust that was between 38-40inches, her waist would be 18-24 inches, and her hips around 33-35 inches. Barbie's weight would be 110 pounds. If she were a real woman, Barbie would have to walk on all fours due to her proportions.If Ken were a real man, he would be seven-feet, eight-inches tall. An average man would have to add seven inches to his chest and about eight inches to his neck to equal Ken's measurements. So Barbieand Ken and totally unreal.
Myth: Fat people are ugly.
Fact: Beauty is a learned concept, and the cultural norm of beauty changes over time. In early 1900, the leading sex symbol, Lillian Russell,weighed over 200 pounds. Marilyn Monroe would be considered "overweight" today. The media, advertisers, and the diet industry tend to set the standard of beauty in today's society. We must remember thatthey are selling us dissatisfaction with our bodies in order to make money.
Myth: Fat people are all at health risk.

Fact: There are both health risks and benefits associated with being fat.Research seems to indicate that the healthiest weight is a stable weight, even if a person weighs more than average. The best way to maximize your health is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includesregular exercise.
Myth: You have to exercise a lot for it to do any good.
Fact: There are big health benefits in doing al least 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days. But any movement is betterthan no movement. You could start with a five-minute walk today and continue from there.

Myth: Fat people are fat because they are lazy.
Fact: Different people have different bodies. Sure,there might be some lazy fat people, but there are also a lot of lazy thin people. Food intake and exercise may contribute to being thin but there are also many other factors involved that can't be...
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