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ACTIVITIES 9,10,11,12,13, 15 AND 17
Exercise-Fill in the blanks with the following phrasal verbs: go out / stay out / stay in/ get back
My mother loves her house. She never wants to _go out_ in the mornings, but when she does, she never wants to go back home!
Last Tuesday was a typical example. I called her and asked if she wanted to come with me to themarket. First, she said that she would rather _stay in_ and finish her knitting proyect. But after 15 minutes, I managed to persuade her to come to the market.
We had a nice walk and a quick coffee turned into a longer coffee, the more my mother and I talked the more we wanted coffee. The market closed at 7 pm so we had to return home, but, my mother wanted to _stay out_ and persuaded me that we shouldgo visit my grandmother. There we had a good time and finally we _get back_ home at 10 pm. My father was upset because he didn’t have his lunch and dinner on time.
  | Activity 1. Just in case
Check the slides that correspond to this session and read the following story.Now, pretend that you are Brenda and continue with the instructions considering the following objects and possiblesituations: Object | Possible situation |
Medicine | sick |
Cash | checks or credit cards |
multilingual dictionary | speak English |
Map | get lost |
Umbrella | it rains |
Take your medicine in case you get sick.
Bring cash in case your credit cards or checks bounce.
Don’t forget to take your multilingual dictionary in case they don’t speak English.
Take a map so you don’t get lost.
Take anumbrella so you don’t get wet if it rains. |
  | Activity 2. It was in case…
Read the following story.Now you continue…Write at least 4 things you needed to take, remember what your mom always says! 1. |  Sweater |
2. |  Something to eat |
3. |  Keys |
4. |  Phone |
Activity 3: Two consonants…but one sound!Sometimes in English there are two consonants together but they arepronounced as a single sound. Fill in the chart with three more examples: Two consonants | Symbol for pronunciation | It is pronounced as in: | Your examples: |
TH | ð | they | them  |
TH | Θ | thin | thinner  |
SH | š | short | shower  |

Make a list of clothes you will use in the different situations established:
Weather | Clothes |
Rainy |  I would use abeautiful coat, boots and jeans |
Cold |  I would use a jacket, sneakers and some panties |
Snowy |  A scarf, a jacket, socks, gloves, jeans, headband |
Sunny |  Shorts, tee-shirt, flip flops, glasses |
  | Activity 1: You have or don´t have to!Fill in the blanks according to the situation using have to or don´t have to 1. | You _have to_ get a visa in order to enter the U.S.A.|
2. | You _don’t have to_ hug and kiss your friends every time you see them. |
3. | You _have to_ quit smoking, your cough is terrible. |
4. | Michelle _have to_ wear glasses since she was a child. |
5. | You _don’t have to_ study, the exam is easy. |
  | Activity 2. Mind verbsThere are verbs that are associated with the mind and are generally use to express opinions. Forexample: I believe, I think, I suppose, etc. 1. | I believe _that you can pass the exam, If you study hard__ |
2. | I think _you should get a haircut__ |
3. | I suppose _you did that, because your were afraid, right?_ |
Act 11 and 12:
| ExerciseActivity 1: If I had studied…There are certain actions that we regret about as the years pass by. Look at the example and think about threeactions that in your present you wish you had or hadn’t done.Example: If I had studied hard, I wouldn’t have failed the course. 1. |  If I hadn’t studied for math exam, I would have failed. |
2. |  If you hadn’t broken that pencil, I would use it to work. |
3. |  If I wouldn’t crash my car, I would be able to get out of here. |
  | Activity 2: Situations and consequences.Look at the...
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