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Education has relation with creativity; I think that the school must provide creative abilities as an objective of education. Children must learn about creativity, but the schoolnow a day is very critical with the point of view of educating creativity. But creativity creates originality, flexibility, self-confidence, innovation, sensibility, and other thingsthat help us to growth, to develop ourselves and to live our future lives.
The originality is very important because is the capacity of the human to create unique ideas. So this isused now a day in all things, some jobs look out100 this characteristic in future employees. And brigs a lot of community reaches.
To provide creativity, education must have theinstruments to teach well, goods techniques and technology is necessary.
Innovation, as well as originality is an aspect that is important of creativity.
The capacity of turn somethingin other thing is necessary for the development, as well as known the160 correct uses of the resources provided.
Flexibility is part of creativity as important as the others.Independency is something that is very important for humans and is also provided by creativity.
This things that I already say that are provided by creativity, are very useful for life.This thing must be200 teaches in school, every child have to have this characteristics to adapt to the new world, so I think that the school must be responsible of educatingchildren230 about creativity.
The actual school education is not as creativity as it has too. Children born with creativity, start inventing words, or imagine things, and then when theschool starts they are stopped by the conservative education that is always the same as two centuries ago, and does not permitted a change in terms of teaching with more creativity.
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