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The tattoo is a costume in many places of the world helping to the persons to expressing different things and traditions.

The tattoo is a millenarian practice that is causing ragebetween the adolescents and between those who no longer are it also. More than a form to decorate the body, the tattoo has become a form of expression of the present culture. With the tattoo theperson wants to say a little more he and to emphasize that part of the body where she becomes. The history of where the tattoo is born is the body in itself. The tattoo is an artistic form of expressionthat to arised does many years. The adolescents began to impose it, but no longer it is possible to be spoken of an adolescent stage so delimited as before. All the people look for to be young and thataspiration is seen in the clothes, the conducts and until in the tattoos.
The tattoo is not only one fleeting fashion (since it lasts for all the life). It is the expression of an artisticcharacteristic. The tattoo is very important part for the people, since it is like a feeling of new identity.

Generally two axes exist on which the practice of the tattoo leans:
1. The identity.
2. Thedifferent duels that one crosses in the life.


The colors in the skin changes depending for the pigments that you need for you tattoo, the reactions of inflammation and redskin is normal, and can use other kind of material like gena, because for the other persons is better. But this other pigments erased whit the time (15 days)

The word “tatuaje” come of the wordtattoo, the marines traveled for the pacific ocean found the samoanos and love the tattoos, the marine tradition is make tattoo; in some arm because is a distinctive of them.

Polynesian is the region ofthe world that owns the tattoo tradition but prolonged for men and women, whereas in Egypt the majority of tattooed people was women, also the tattoo I arrive at America and was realized by the...
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